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Get More Tips When Serving Alcohol

Bartenders and waitrons are important members of the hospitality industry however many rely on tips to supplement their income and are often looking for ways to increase the tips.

It’s no secret that getting consistently good tips lies in offering good customer service however this can be challenging when customers become intoxicated, irate and difficult to handle.

Those that have been in the hospitality industry for a while know that being friendly is an important part of good customer service and greeting customers within the first 30 seconds is crucial. Although most people would say this is an obvious duty of hospitality workers, in a crowded venue this is easier said than done.

Statistics show that if customers aren’t acknowledged when they arrive and aren’t greeted by their server, they are less likely to stay. In fact customers who were greeted didn’t mind waiting longer to be served after their presence had been acknowledged, people just don’t want to be ignored.

One of the most challenging parts of a job in hospitality is having a generally sunny disposition even when you have a bad day. Remember customers can drink at home if they want, but they choose to come to your venue for the experience as much as the alcohol and food. If you aim to make their experience enjoyable, rather than just provide them with a drink, they are more likely to show their gratitude with a good tip.

Another important point to keep in mind is that your appearance does matter. As a bartender, waitron or server you are an ambassador of your employer and venue, your dressing and appearance should be a reflection of that.

Part of being a good bartender or waitron is keeping customers safe, to ensure their experience is enjoyable. People aren’t going to enjoy themselves if they feel at risk. You have a duty to enforce responsible service of alcohol regulations to keep yourself, customers and the public safe for alcohol induced harm.

The most basic requirement of Responsible Service of Alcohol is refusing to serve anyone who is unduly intoxicated and denying service to minors. To learn how and why this is done, the NSW RSA Course is mandatory for hospitality workers employed at licensed venues in NSW.

Handling an intoxicated patron can be tricky, especially when you have to cut them off from alcohol. Many customers will become irritated when refused alcohol but to maintain the integrity of your venue and keep your customers safe, you must enforce RSA rules.

Pubs, bars, nightclubs and other licensed venues that are continuously caught serving alcohol to intoxicated patrons and/or minors are not only liable to receive substantial fines but they are also putting the reputation of their venue at risk. In the long run this may put off the good customers from visiting the venue.

Although drunk customers initially won’t appreciate you denying them alcohol, the more responsible drinkers will appreciate your actions and reflect this appreciation in tips. Remember serving alcohol responsibly is not just morally right but your legal duty as well.

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Nothing Beats The Great Street Foods Of The World

Not everyone can afford fine dining especially when it involves a Michelin Starred restaurant. Not only are there dress codes and protocols that can make you more nervous about going there than actually eating an unfamiliar food item. Not to mention the bill that comes after the dining experience, fine dining is simply not for everyone.

Street food, however, offers the same richness and savory tastes that some of the finest restaurants offer. Best of all, you can literally dig in and sample the food itself before buying. Although health experts dissuade the public from ever eating at food stalls in streets because of sanitary and unhealthy ingredient concerns, for the average Joe, this is as close as they can get to fine dining in the street.

Singapore You will be amazed to learn that there is more to the highly urbanized city-state of Singapore. Amidst skyscrapers and state-of-the-art infrastructure is a street food scene that can only be rivaled by the street food vendors of Bangkok and Hong Kong. Singapore is well-known for its chili crab, chicken rice, dumplings, bak kut the, oyster omelets, and curried fish heads. Of course, you can have these in classier restaurants but no one does it better than the street food vendors of Singapore.

Bangkok The streets of Bangkok, Thailand are literally teeming with life at night. With food stalls that sell more than your heart Pad Thai noodles, it is a gastronomic paradise for people who simply dont care about putting on some more weight. Crispy fried mussels and flame-grilled catfish as well as a jumping salad of live shrimps are a must-try for any serious foodie. You can also sample Bangkoks roasted chicken and duck often served with papaya salad, pickled or freshly sliced into paper-thin portions. If you still havent had enough, you can try other delicacies that are peppered with mounds of garlic, basil, and chilies plus a helpful serving or two of sticky mango rice.

London In London, famous for its first class restaurants, bars and cafes, street food vendors have been rounded up into the market streets and squares throughout the UK capital. Portabello, Borough, Smithfields and Brick Lane markets all have their distinctive flavours representing the traditional and ethnic origins of the local inhabitants. Portabello is great for middle eastern falafels, vegetarian cuisine the best street seafood which would not be out of place in the finest Padstow restaurant. Brick Lane is the place to head for the very best, exotic curries flavoured with the tastes of India and Bangladesh.

Mexico City Mexicans are best known for churros, street corn, gorditas, al pastor tacos, and fresh juice. Anywhere you go around the city, there is bound to be a street food vendor selling a variety of Mexicos favorite treats like tortillas, mango juice sprinkled with savory chili powder, and corn on the cob that has been slathered with mayonnaise. If you go out in the streets early in the morning, you will be treated to a fair selection of steaming-hot tamales as well as the sweet and truly luscious Mexican hot chocolate drink. In Mexico you don't need to set foot in a restaurant if you don't want to.

Marrakesh If it is Moroccan street food you crave for, the streets of Marrakesh have all that you need. Try the tummy-filling Maakouda fritters made from potatoes, the steaming-hot snail soup, and the truly savory meats on skewer as well as sheeps head and tagine. During the night, visiting the Jemaa el-Fna square is like entering the great tent cities of food festivals where the air is often made heavy of turmeric and cumin scent.

Other cities all around the world offer a variety of street food experience that bespeaks of the culture of these countries, albeit prepared by ordinary folks with no Michelin Stars to their names. Nonetheless, they have been feeding greater numbers of mouths than all the fine dining restaurants in the world combined.

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Are All Calories Equal?

Nutritionists will tell you that not all calories are equal which is why simply counting calories in a meal is not recommended.

The calories contained in a meal refer to how much energy the food generates in a lab but it doesnot indicate how the food will be used by the body.

Because calories don't give us an indication of the nutritional value of food, 2 meals with the same number of calories wont necessarily be equally as healthy or unhealthy.

For example if 2 meals contain the same amount of calories they will not necessarily fill you up equally or meet your nutritional requirements. It will also not indicate how helpful they will be in maintaining a healthy weight because they wont necessarily be broken down, used or stored by the body in the same way.

Why is that? Because your body doesn't handle all foods the same way. That is why foods that have more nutrients are better for you than foods that have less nutrients but the same amount of calories.

Foods high in nutrients are usually whole foods, so choosing foods that are low calorie and low nutrient are not recommended. Rather opt for food that is high in nutrients in order to control your weight.

So if you are eating only junk foods but eating the same amount of calories as someone who is eating healthy, nutritious meals, its more likely for you to be overweight than it is for them, despite the fact that you are probably eating a lower quantity of food than them.

To sum it up, low calorie is not necessarily the best diet for you. In fact the term low calorie diet can be deceptive if not practiced together with the concept of good nutrition.

When used in conjunction with healthy nutrition, calorie restrictive diets can be effective in controlling weight and have also been proven to increase longevity, whereas calorie restrictive diets done without good nutritional principles can actually put your health at risk and derail your weight loss goals.

Most often its not that we want to feed our families food that is devoid of minerals and nutrients but its that were so busy and these are the foods that are most commonly available. Were so accustomed to simply hitting the drive-through at the nearest fast food restaurant and picking up dinner on the way home but these foods aren't good for our families health. There is a more nutritious and considerably more convenient option available. Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door.

Having nutritious meals delivered to your home aids in saving time but also helps ensure you're providing healthy food, which will help you control your weight, your mood and energy levels.

Providing a new perspective on convenience foods, Healthy Meals to Your Door is a company that provides you with the convenience of healthy meals delivered in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.

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How to Start a Catering Business

The catering industry in the United States is estimated to be worth $5 billion a year. Caterers are hired to perform an assorted number of jobs-everything from cooking to serving, mixing drinks, and whipping up delicious desserts. Functions range from dinner parties that serve a handful of guests to enormous events that serve thousands of guests. Normally a caterer will define their niche, meaning a caterer will choose what type of functions to specialize in as well as their job description. For example, you may offer the best fondue table for up to 100 guests, perhaps you would rather prepare meals for business catering parties that are held within banker’s hours. There really are no limits in regards to catering styles.

Once you have arrived to the idea stage it is great to begin a business catering plan. Be meticulous when you detail how the catering business will be operated, managed and capitalized.

The following checklist can help you organize your ideas into the beginning of a business catering plan:

What services will your catering business offer? Will you run a full service catering business, corporate catering service, custom event catering service, or a scheduled events catering business?
Research necessary permits and requirements your local government imposes on a catering business.
Determine your start up costs of your catering business. Remember to include everything-permit fees, catering equipment, marketing, uniforms, catering supplies etc.
Construct a budget, forecast and projection.
How will you finance the start up of your catering business?
Research liability insurance needed to protect your catering business.
Where will you house your catering business office and how will you manage your business? Prepare to think about cancellations, payment policies, consultations, menu-planning as well as samples, contracts and the transportation of food.
What food suppliers do you intend to work with?
Will your catering service rent equipment for special requests?
What will you name your catering business?
Owning a catering service not only includes cooking but also be prepared to wear many hats such as: accountant, manager, marketer, sales representative, and bill collector.

Additional questions to consider when constructing your catering business plan:

Is my business idea practical and is it in demand?
What is my competition?
What is my advantage over existing services?
Can I deliver a better quality service?
Can I create a demand for my business?
What will be my legal structure?
How will I compensate myself?
Your answers to these questions will help you create a focused, well-researched catering business plan that can serve as a blueprint for your new catering service. Whatever you choose to specialize in, running a catering business offers creativity, flexibility, and growing opportunities.

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Need To Enhance Your Cooking Skills? Use This Information

Cooking your own meal is a superb way to make your diet plan nutritious and to conserve money. Food created from scratch is somewhat cheaper than prepared meals and is much healthier. This guide provides you with the ideas you should start producing delicious foods in the convenience of your home.

To make it simpler to remove boiled eggs, work them under cold water soon after removing from them the range. Softly split the egg on a counter, when they are cool enough to touch. You may discover the remaining portion of the shell and also have a gap within the layer where you should start your peeling. Put the egg in cold water and once you start peeling it will peel easily.

While cooking, the smaller them the higher the cooking temperature might be. For instance, if you should be preparing small muffins they may be baked at 400, whereas when the muffins are regular-size the heat should be no higher than 325. Cooking in the proper temperature will enhance your cooking time and preserve products from getting dried up. Utilizing an adjustable pressure cooker with temperature settings and the appropriate pressure cooker accessories will also save on energy and money since one is able to cook at the appropriate temperature.

The juices can be released by microwaving a lemon or perhaps a lime for some seconds. Often the acid at a supermarket is as preserved as it could possibly be, making it difficult to liquefy. If you microwave it for 10 seconds, and then throw it between the counter it will release more juice.

Save time by cooking large amounts, and freezing the extra. When you are preparing an intricate or time consuming meal, make additional meals. Creating more won’t increase your cooking time as much, and these extra foods might be frozen, offering a quick and healthy alternative to the conventional frozen TV dinner.

When you're preparing a salad, add a small measure of olive oil along with normal sea salt. This may help to provide your salad a stiff lure despite you adding the dressing. Keeping your salad as crunchy as possible will generate an atmosphere of taste upon use.

Make certain that in case you are planning a party with family and friends, to own each course designed out in advance. You should have salad course an appetizer course, main dish and treat. Breaking your food into classes’ will allow people to be able to digest and enjoy what you have prepared for them.

Once you have prepared food in the oven, you ought to give it several minutes to rest before serving. The past thing you will wish to accomplish is offer any section of your dinner that's too hot, that may destroy its total quality for the person you are serving.

Usually choose to make use of a wine which you could drink yourself. If you also do not like the flavor of the wine that you will be preparing with, odds are that you will wind up disliking whatever it is that you're creating! So select a superb wine you are aware you may like your dish a lot more, and you like.

To really have a dinner ready whenever you get home from work utilize crock pot or a slow cooker. Some foods come prepackaged. All you've got to accomplish is set the warmth, possibly add some water and pour it into the crockpot. You're able to prepare ingredients before, if you want to build your own meals. After you've organized the components put them within the fridge. Put anything for the crockpot in the morning prior to going to work.

You need to use your freezer bags multiple times. You should keep vegetables or your meats in typical storage bags and then place them into freezer bags so that you may use them. Freezer bags are extremely costly monthly which will scale back on your costs.

Some recipes necessitate quarter peaches or peeled half. Generally peeling is difficult, while the skin does not come off and sticks towards the fruit. The best way to treat the issue is to place the peaches in boiling water for 30 seconds. After removing the fruits, place them into ice-water to prevent the boiling effect. Their skin will come off.

Get creative if you prepare your meal. Cooking is an art. You should not limit yourself for combinations and the typical styles. Try adding various fresh vegetables in the place of canned vegetables. Use options not within canned vegetable mixes. You'll quickly find your meals having a better more quality.

Even if you're not an experienced chef, preparing your personal foods is easy to do. Anyone can be quite a great cook, and when you'd prefer to be one too, the assistance presented here can help you to do it.
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